The Way of the Buddha:
Develop Sanctuary Through 'Working Meditation'.

Tom Sawyer guided his friends to practice working meditation by painting a fence for him. Tom Sawyer was a Buddha. Here is wisdom.

A quote from my book, Grasshopper StickieNotes, version 9.9.2, which can be found only in the dark moist recesses of my frontal lobes.

Lao Tzu believed that action arises naturally from the stillness within. Stillness precedes the thought that precedes the first step of any journey. Seek stillness. The journey that begins from that still place may take you a thousand miles.

summarized from the book, The Way of Lao Tzu

The 'chase' for the deal had been invigorating and tiring. Our already hectic lives became more so and in two places on opposite sides of our planet. We had been driving for nearly two weeks before arriving in Yreka on September 14th 2010.

We could have stayed in the comfort of the Motel 6. But, we both voiced the need to get comfortable with our land. Camping on the land for a couple of nights would allow us to gain a physical bond with the dirt and rocks, the flora and fauna, the noises and the stillness of this place we intended to make our home.

George Ebejer came up with his backhoe. He made quick work of removing buckbrush from the old driveway so we could get our car into the old house pad. We unloaded the car, pitched the tent and prepared a sandwich for each of us. I opened a bottle of wine and poured full glasses. We ate in silence and gazed at Shasta. We needed that sense of stillness before we could hope to start the journey to build the home. It would be long and hard at times. We expected challenges would be met and surmounted. We became still rather quickly. People do that when they are home.


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