The Search for Sanctuary

Maps Reveal A Lot Of Information

The Realtor printed this map and left it at the front desk of the motel for me. It was a large lot at 3.3 acres.

This map gave the context for our lot. It helped a lot once we got to the site. We could easily identify the corners, even when the posts were missing.

Once I got back to Utah, I went to GoogleEarth and used PhotoShop to create this map. It gave further context for our lot by allowing a single place to show all of the information I had gathered about the surrounding lots. The information made it easier to see that we really were getting a good deal on the land.

I used GoogleEarth to do screen shots of the satellite images and used PhotoShop to create this map. It allowed me to see how the land looked to the birds. Trees and other features could now be placed on the other maps that I was producing.

I used GoogleEarth in February, but the image you see here was poor quality. This was the satellite photo from 2008 and the technology was not as good then.

I used the satellite photo from 2008 to make a recommendation to the sellers and to George Ebejer about where to do the percolation test holes. As it turned out, George understood the lot well enough and needed no guide from me. But I felt better anyway, just for having created the map.

I used the satellite photo from 2008 and added the approximate places of the corner posts and drew the lot lines. The image is distorted a bit so the 'flat' lot lines are not exactly where they should be.

Next, I used my measurements (actually, my 'paced off' measurements) for the old driveway and pad and added them to the map.

Then I experimented with PhotoShop and added a real floor plan of one of our designs to the map. I also 'stuck' a garage on it just because I could.

Then I found a topographic map in GoogleMaps. It was interesting because I could now see the reality of the slopes on the lot. It made clear to me what problems might exist because of the steep slope in some areas.

I finally got the PDF file for the survey done by Mr. Curry. I used that as a base for adding more detail for my purposes. I was really enjoying using PhotoShop to create my own maps.

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