The Survey Plot Map of Our Land:
KRCE, Unit #2, Lot #130

In order to complete the design of our home Brad Myers needed a topographic survey of our lot. The map would establish a 'base' elevation from which Brad could 'place' our house on the land so that the building plan inspectors could determine if the slope of the land met the requirements of the California Building Codes. The map provides the planned location of, and the distances between, critical elements of the development, such as: (1) minimum setbacks for the house from the road and lot lines; (2) placements of the well and the septic system in relation to the house and each other and to the roads and the runoff ditch just to the east of the driveway pad (green circle with the well in the center), and (3) the electric power pole with the related service entrance for the house.

Not shown on the map, but part of the percolation test, was selection of a location for a 2nd septic leach field in the event the location that is shown were to fail in future years. A backup is required by the County. What happens after the back up gets used is open to debate and retesting. In our case, we tested all the way down the hill to the lowest point on our land and know that we have enough land for a 3rd and 4th location, if needed.

The survey and the plot map was done for us by Terry Curry Land Surveying

605 Burgess Street, Yreka, California - Telephone: 530-842-9900

This is the invoice for our survey costs in 2010.

This is our survey map in Adobe Acrobat - PDF format.



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