The Utilities of Shelter

The Not-So-Long Trailer Story

The Way of the Buddha:
Develop Sanctuary With Working Utilities.

Comfortable places to rest, eat and sleep enhance life and restore one's energy. Here is wisdom.

A quote from my book, Grasshopper StickieNotes, version 9.9.2, which can be found only in the dark moist recesses of my frontal lobes.

A series of trailers have helped us bridge the housing gap. It was noted by the Building inspectors that we are using RV's for housing and cooking. They said, "OK!". Our chemical toilet is also "OK". I hate trailers! I tolerate them when I must. I get rid of them as fast as possible.

We have used two trailers so far. We were given a small camper which I remodeled. I found its' walls were no longer connected to the floor deck. I stripped it to the frame to make a utility trailer.

The second trailer we bought as 'junk' from the KRCE campground. It was a horrible mess. I stripped and cleaned it and killed the rats and snakes that were living in it. It served us well.

We love to travel. We enjoy hiking in the forest, swimming in the rivers and lakes and do gold panning and dredging whenever we can. We like to find campgrounds where we can stay for some period of time. We do that throughout the summer.

We also found that membership in casino "Player Clubs" earn privileges such as free nights in their hotels and free use of spas, etc. The short drives are fun, we do not lose/win very much and we have a great time relaxing during lulls in our construction work. Seven Feathers in Canyonville Oregon and Silver Legacy in Reno Nevada are our favorite places.


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