The Utilities of Shelter

The Propane Proposition

The Way of the Buddha:
Develop Sanctuary With Working Utilities.

Gas is the least polluting form of petro-based carbon fuels. Used sparingly, in conjunction with renewable wood fuel for heat, will mean big savings. Here is wisdom.

A quote from my book, Grasshopper StickieNotes, version 9.9.2, which can be found only in the dark moist recesses of my frontal lobes.

It's simple. Gas is less polluting than all other forms of fuel except solar and electric. However, electric costs more per BTU than propane for radiant heat. Electricity in the KRCE has a nasty habit of going 'off' during bad storms, forest fires and road accidents. A propane tank will keep working with a backup battery thermostat control and ignitor.

We will have two 'On-Demand' LP water heaters. One will supply the 120 degree water for domestic use such as showers, baths, laundry and kitchen. The other will provide heat for low-temp glycol antifreeze in a closed-loop for the in-floor radiant heat system.

In KRCE, AmeriGas and Suburban Propane are the main choices for tank-filling propane service. They provide the tanks in varying sizes at the best prices per cubic foot capacity on an annual rental basis. The propane is subject to market fluctuations and can be expensive. The cost to fill a 250 cubic foot tank is currently in the range of $1000+/-.

We will use a medium-sized wood stove in the southwest corner of the living room to provide the main heat for the house. The propane radiant system for floor heating will come on only during the coldest days or if the wood stove is allowed to 'go out'.


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