On The Road Again
Finding Folks I Thought I'd Never See Again
Gee, It's Great To Be Back On The Road Again

Finding Will and Liza is relatively simple. Use Google Maps and enter "13242 Mountain St., Hornbrook, CA" Hit 'Return' and sit back to wait for the page to load. Or just look down this page and then hit 'Print' to have the maps you'll need to find us.

If you get lost then give us a call: 5 3 0 / 3 4 0 / 1 8 7 6

Or mail reaches us at P.O. Box 9, Hornbrook, CA, 9 6 0 4 4 - 0 0 0 9

Or UPS and FedEx use: 13242 Mountain St., Hornbrook, CA, 9 6 0 4 4

or at d r a k o n w i l l @ d r a g o n t a g . c o m


Here's how to get to Hornbrook from San Francisco, Sacramento or Reno. You can also drop down from Seattle. The adventurous who come from the east on I-80 across Nevada can turn north at Winnemucca and go north and west across the NW corner of Nevada to southeastern Oregon, then westerly to Klamath Falls, then southerly on Hwy 97 toward Weed California. Then take Hwy. 99-97 Cutoff (A-12) toward I-5. Then stay on I-5 to exit 789 at Hornbrook.

How to get to Hornbrook from Sacramento, San Francisco or Reno

Here's how to get to Hornbrook from Montague and Yreka. Stay on I-5 to exit 789 at Hornbrook. Then take Copco Road east to a bridge that heads south over the Klamath River at a non-existent place called Klamathon on Ager Road. OR you can get off the I-5 at Granada exit, head east on A-12 for a 1/2 mile then turn north on Granada-Montague Road which continues north and becomes Ager Road. In either case, watch for Dennis Lane when you reach the 45 MPH zone on Ager Road.

How to get to Hornbrook from Yreka and Montague

Here's how to get to Dennis Lane in the KRCE from Montague and Yreka. Stay on Ager Road and watch for Dennis Lane when you reach the 45 MPH zone on Ager Road. Turn east when you see the cluster of three ugly yellow sheds on the NE corner of the intersection with Dennis Lane. Don't worry most people miss it the first time. That's how you gt to meet folks - if you're inclined to ask for directions. If you're not, then call us if you can get cell tower.......

How to get to Dennis Lane from Yreka or Montague

How to get to Dennis Lane from Yreka or Montague

Once you're heading east on Dennis Lane you MUST slow down to 25 MPHh or 15 MPH. It's the law or rule. There are no signs, but you're now aware of the law/rule because we told you so! Yeah it's slower than flowing molasses in January in Boston, but there's a reason - deer, turkeys, pumas, bobcats, squirrels, quail, rabbits, ATV's, motorcycles, horses, snakes, branches, rocks, holes and people - especially people on the wrong side of the road. So go slow, enjoy the ride and try to wave to everyone who glares at you....for raising too much dust!

The issue is that the California Department of Motor Vehicles traffic law says in effect, "When no signs are present to the contrary, then the maximum speed within a residential neighborhood is 25 MPH." The KRCEOA has a rule that the speed limit within the KRCE subdivision is 15 MPH. California LAW trumps the rule of the Owners' Association whwen the road you are on is maintained by the State or County. On the majority of dirt surfaced roads within the KRCE the correct limit is 15 MPH because the Owners' Association owns and maintains those roads. There are a few very short dirt-surfaced roads within the KRCE that are County-Owned and maintained. The 25 MPH law would pertain, except the roads are so short.

How to get to Mountain Street


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