Our Journey to Northern California

A summary of events that led to our move to Hornbrook

Phil's Hot Rocks

We won't bore you with tales of our birth trauma or a retelling of our life journeys before coming to KRCE. Our 'late in life' journey to northern California starts with our sons, Phil and Vas. In October 2008, Phil was about to start the final year of his baccalaureate degree at Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia. He had chosen to major in geology, with a specialty in volcanism and plate tectonics.

He needed to complete a research project and present the report in the following Spring. He chose to do his research on lava flows in central Idaho, between Yellowstone National Park and the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (CoM). The end of his 2008 research trip to the 'Craters' was our first encounter with the Klamath River basin near the Klamath River Country Estates (KRCE).

2008 Craters of the Moon

Vas & Buddha

In 2009 Vas was wrestling with his life direction. He had completed high school by independent study. He was deep into his reading of philosophy and religion. He was thinking he wanted to become a Buddhist monk. He and Liza went on an exploratory trip to a Buddhist monastery in Ulan Uday, near Lake Baikal in eastern Russia.

Vas had also found some monasteries and universities in America that had programs of study and/or for becoming a monk. His commitment to becoming a monk was strong. We agreed to visit the Mount Shasta Abbey located near Mount Shasta California. As luck would have it, there was a ten-day retreat for people to learn about Buddhism. We went. We had a great time. We wanted to stay here!

2009 Mount Shasta Abbey Retreat


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