Photo Essays About The Construction of Our Sangha Rest Shed

November 7th 2014: The Sangha Rest Shed is completed. The shed is packed with building materials, furniture, camping equipment and gold mining equipment. It is so fully packed that some items are stored underneath, hung to its sides and spilling over onto the porch and under tarps for the winter.

The Sangha Rest Shed was built for storage of tools and materials for use during the construction of our house. Afterwards it is for storage of garden supplies and tools. The 'rest' part of the title refers to two attributes of the structure. First, during the time it is needed, the portable chemical toilet is found inside. Second, the porch is most helpful as a sun barrier during the hot summers when we need shelter and a restful place to sit. And, it has a beautiful view of Shasta and the valley to the south.

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