Photo Essays About The Construction of Oak au Vino

Our Shed for Wine and Garlic

November 11th 2010: I had been clearing the buckbrush from the old house pad and building a first shed since October. One of my first tasks was pruning the young oak trees that were near to the lowest point on our land. In this photo that would be the trees that are about 1/3rd of the way up from the bottom right side. On my way up and down the hill to that work I had been passing this small oak which was completely surrounded by a grove of 'Oregon Mountain Berry bushes'. The smell from those bushes was enough to keep me away.


But something about the predicament of that small oak made me wonder about how I might save it and use it to good advantage in our overall plan of development. Then on one particularly hot afternoon I chanced to sit on a large boulder that was just on the downhill side of that thicket to drink a soda and eat a sandwich. I noticed that the site had a very good view of Mount Shasta. I considered that we wanted to have a small vineyard and make some wine for ourselves from our own grapes. That meant having some place to do the crushing, fermenting, filtering, casking, bottling, and drinking the product... And a cool cellar for the aging stages would be ideal to locate right into the side of the hill...

And, the best workflow was to grow the grapes at the top, harvest them and bring them down the hillside for the work of winemaking. And as for drinking, why would we want to carry it back up the hill? Better to consume it down here and walk or crawl back up the hill afterwards. That was when the idea for a wine cellar and related shed became 'fixed' in my mind, and I saw it 'centered' around that small oak. Thus was born the name Oak au Vino and a related name Casillero del Diablo Rojo. This idea became even better as I drank my imaginary 'wine of delusions'.



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