Well Driller, John Ebejer, for Our Home

When I asked neighbors about well drillers, they said, "Well, you can't take one without the other". George Ebejer's older brother John operated B&J Drilling. John could also be found at the Gold Rush Cafe in 'downtown' Hornbrook moonlighting as the cook. It seems that John loves to cook and was in demand at the Elks Club in Yreka and as guest barbecuer.

He and his love Dori opened their second location of the J&D Family Diner in Yreka in mid-2014. We highly recommend you try their homestyle cooking and their 'huge' portions of food. You'll find their new place at the northern end of Yreka, just off I-5.



B&J Drilling

Big Guy, Bigger Heart

John drilled our well, installed the pump system, and then 'shuttered' his well drilling business. Ours was the last well he has drilled. He and his 'love-of-my-life', Dori, took over the Gold Rush cafe and renamed it the J&D Cafe. He was seeking his comfort in running a cafe that serves great food in large portions for the hungry souls.

B&J Drilling (NOT currently an active business)

John Ebejer

KRCE resident, Hornbrook, California, 96044

Photo taken by: Will



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