Masons Supply of Medford Oregon for Our Home

I had to go 'over the line' to Medford in Oregon for masonry supplies when I was building the forms for the basement walls and the floor. The items I needed were not available on short notice in the Yreka area and the prices were much lower in Oregon.

After much searching on Internet, I found Masons Supply, located in the industrial area of northwest Medford. They had exactly what I needed and immediately loaded my car. They were also extremely helpful in proper install methods for the waterproofing.



Masons Supply of Medford Oregon

Everything for the Mason

Masons Supply has a wide and deep selection of supplies for masonry work. I bought snap ties for form work, waterproofing materials and related supplies.

Masons Supply of Medford Oregon

In the industrial park on the west side of North Pacific Highway

2036 Lars Way

Medford, Oregon, 97501

(541) 772-6161




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