Brad Myers Engineering Designed Our Home

Brad Myers operates as Myers Engineering in Yreka California. Brad was recommended by building contractors I talked with as "one of those guys who was a traitor to the profession", a builder who went over to the 'dark side'. But they meant that in a very respectful way. Brad is a civil engineer and can approve your land for building locations and design the home for you. He's a '2-in-1' sort of guy. That's a nice deal and it saved us a bundle of money. He might recommend calling in a soils engineer now and again, but Brad can do most land development approvals himself.

Brad met with us, heard our ideas, took my detailed drawings, redrew them according to the California building codes - all at a very reasonable fee. Since we started the building Brad has been diligent about stopping by to check on our progress and offer advice.

Brad designs homes to meet the standards of 'Green Design' that are energy efficient.



Brad Myers, Engineer

Builder Turned Engineer

The photo below is of a powerful downdraft rain funnel that was 'sitting' over our land in April of 2011 while the sky is clear everywhere else. When I got home there were 3 inches of standing water around our Sangha Shed and loose items had been blown all over the place. I had been told by neighbors that rain funnels, 90+ mph winds, 'dust devils' (mini tornados) and heavy snow falls were known to happen here. So, when Brad started our design I said, "Design for that". He did. We have already had the rain funnel in April of 2011, a 5" rain in December 2012, a lot of high winds in the range of 40 to 60 mph, several dust devil tornadoes - one of which demolished my radial arm saw with pieces of 'flying' scaffolding, and 6" of snow on two occasions in 2012 and 2013. We are building a very solid and anchored house.

Brad Myers Engineering

118 No. Oregon St., Yreka, California, 96097-1547

Telephone (office) - 530-841-0302, Telephone (cell) - 530-459-5874

E-Mail - yrekaengineer @ att .net

Photo taken by: Will



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