Backhoe George Ebejer: Septic Systems and Excavator for Our Home

When I asked neighbors about earth moving, trenching, gravel, etc., they all said "Backhoe", "Backhoe George" or "George Ebejer". After several calls I found him at his favorite location before 10 AM on any given day - the Gold Rush Cafe (now the J&D Cafe) in 'downtown' Hornbrook.

George is one of those contractors who sets a time, orders the materials and gets his equipment in place to start on time. And he finishes on time.



Backhoe George

Earth Mover with a Calibrated Sense of Level

I watched him bulldoze the pad for our driveway and well. I had asked for an embankment to be carved with a certain radius and angle of slope; the pad itself to be a certain radius; and, the pad to have a slope that would trap water and redirect it to the uphill side so we could slow the runoff from gouging our land. He measured with a tape, marked with some spray paint, used a laser level to take some quick estimates of elevation at various points on the uncut land.

Two hours later George stopped the dozer for the day and we walked over the roughed out pad. I watched as he checked with the laser level and I got out my tape and measured the radius. I had to tell him, "George, I've known good work in my life, but you seem to have a well-calibrated set of eyes and brain. The pad is perfect, as I requested, and in less time than promised." He put the rock on the pad the next day, leveled and compacted it and our pad was ready for his brother, John, to drill the well.

George came back in the spring of 2011 to install our septic system and to clear the land of brush and rocks. He finished on time and within the budget he had promised. A more capable worker is unlikely to be found.

Backhoe George --- George Ebejer

KRCE Resident, Hornbrook, California, 96044

Telephone (office) - 530-475-3230 --- Telephone (cell) - 530-340-3526

E-Mail - backhoegeorge @ hotmail .com

Photo taken by: Will



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