"Where The Klamath River, Shasta Valley, Earth's Sky And Wild Life
Come Together To Nurture And Restore Human Spirit"

Will Jensen

2010 A Dramatic Change of Life Plans

Choosing to live in the Klamath River Country Estates (the KRCE) was a life changing decision. We had settled into our bi-country lifestyle in Dubna Russia for nearly 15 years. The extenuating factors that led to the change of our life plan were a difficult visa regime for Will to travel to and to stay in Russia; our son Vas' notion of becoming a Buddhist monk; our son Phils geology research; and Wills desire to have a substantial presence in America as a touchstone for his large family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

California was 10th on our list of possible places to live. Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana were the top five. When Vas' quest led him to a seminar on Buddhism at Mt. Shasta Abbey, Liza and Will decided to go along with him. We were soon under the spell of Mount Shasta, the Klamath River, the State of Jefferson, gold mining and the relaxed lifestyle of the high desert of northern California. We had found our new hearthplace. Our land in the KRCE was discovered almost six months later. This site is our story of developing our Shasta home.


2010 to 2017: A Quick Summary of Our Progress

On February 12th 2010 the land was in its natural state and ready for development.


By December 6th 2010 the well had been drilled, the Sangha Pad had been cleared of brush and the Sangha Shed had been built.


December 21st 2011: the well pump had been installed and the pipe laid in the trench; the entire western half of the land was cleared of brush; the Sangha Shed had a paved deck; the septic system and sewer pipe was underground; the foundation pit had been dug, and, grass seed had been spread on the scarred ground.


December 9th 2012: the electricity was hooked-up from Pacific Power; the temporary water tank was installed and filled from our well; the driveway pad was graded and paved with gravel; the concrete foundation footers had been poured and were drying; a small trailer had been rehab'd as a shelter; the Sangha Shed was completed and used for storage; and, the garden ramp and boxes had been built.


November 22nd 2013: The concrete foundation walls were dry and ready for the floor to be poured; the 1st and 11th grape lines were planted; a pergola was added to the Sangha Shed; the ground for the Oak au Vino shed was 'broken'; and the orchard had been planted with apples and peaches.


November 24th 2014: The concrete floor was poured; the basement became the center of staging for the next phase of construction; the small trailer was passed on to another family; the Oak au Vino shed framing was about 2/3rds done; and a third shed had been built behind the Sangha Shed for tool storage.


November 11th 2015: The Oak au Vino Shed was completed, shingled and painted; the basement walls were completed and the floor was installed and painted to protect it for the winter.


December 12th 2016: The Oak au Vino Shed was completed except for the lower sections of the mansard roof; an 'alcove' was dug out of the sidehill on the north side of the driveway for an irrigation tank to water the orchard in coming years; the main structure of the house (the walls and roof) were completed and covered with the plastic underlayment to protect it for the winter; and, we began installing the interior plumbing, electrical, heating and sewer systems.


2017? We will finish the roof and the attic area of the Oak au Vino shed on return in March. For the house we will: complete the installation of the electrical, plumbing, sewer and heating systems by late Spring and will form and pour the piers to support the rear deck and stair and the front porch with its related tie-in to the front half of the roof over the house. Then ASAP (meaning when the money permits) we will: complete the deck; shingle the roof; install windows and doors; side the exterior; drywall the interior; install the radiant heating in the floors and do the finish work for probable 'move-in' by December 2017 or in early 2018. Aggressive schedule? Maybe, but time and money will tell. Till then, our new home sleeps under a blanket of snow.



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